So. Cal Photographer

“The best pictures always tell a story. KOTSOBAN Photography  job is to capture those stories consequently, one frame at a time. For more than 8 years, I’ve been documenting family moments and points in people’s lives. Therefore from Moscow to Los Angeles, through almost all the Europe. Each picture is a treasure to someone, as well as a moment frozen in time that will bring back wonderful memories and smiles of joy. My goal, as photographer, is to go beyond your expectations. First of all, You won’t just get a book filled with spectacular photos. You’ll have a fantastic experience that you’ll look upon fondly and perhaps want to experience again.”

KOTSOBAN Photography

While keeping the first time in my life a camera, I’ve been told something: “To be an Artist, is not an easy way.” At this point I’ve decided to prove the opposite, not for them, but for me. Since then – hard work and sleepless nights brought me finally where I am now. Capturing timeless moments of joy and happiness.


We all have a common dream – to keep the moments of Joy and Passion we’ve lived somewhere yet forever. While sharing them with the beloved ones, even after years. Seems like almost impossible?
Let me take care of that.


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